7 essential AV blogs that i follow

We live in a digital era and it’s inadequate for us to not follow blogs. Blogs help us stay updated about the latest news, connect with experts where they share their valuable insights, learn about latest technologies and give you new and better perspectives.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs, reading which has improved my views and will surely improve yours. These blogs are packed with quality content and help you understand the AV World better.

This blog website is updated with the latest news as it happens and also industry leaders share their opinions on the latest trends in the market.

Here  the emphasis is on podcasts and there are multiple categories to cater to your niche. If you prefer listening than reading, this is the blog for you.

If you value opinions on different aspects of your business then check out this website. There are tons of interviews, case studies, job postings and forums for you to go through.

Some other notable mentions are

Do you recommend any other good blog, let me know in the comments section below.

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