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I am an early adopter of software/apps that aid productivity while my teammates are traditionally skeptics. So i usually try out a software/app exhaustively before its implemented mandatory for office use. Here is a list of the software and apps we recommend


  • . This is our repository for project files and we can’t do without it. Using Bitbucket we can host project files on the cloud, which can later be remotely accessed on the fly. Traditionally for project backups, we made use of portable hard disks, emails, etc., but now bitbucket is much more efficient. It shows what changes have been made when you look at a repo and so you can revert to an old version if required. It also helps identify each team member’s task for a particular project.


  • Slack. Email system is best for client communication but what about team communication? Well, we use slack. This interface has channels for each topic and is searchable which makes it more user friendly than the email system.


  • Email client. We prefer Mozilla thunderbird as our email client. It helps us access our old mails, even when we are offline.


  • Dropbox/Google drive. For sending files, Dropbox or Google drive is recommended due to the ease of uploading and transferring files using these apps.


  • Toggl. This app/software helps in logging your tasks enabling you to check if you are working efficiently. It also helps make proper estimates for a project.


  • Rescuetime. This software will monitor your daily pc use and give you a weekly report on what you were actually doing than what you think you were doing.


  • Wunderlist.This app is good for creating task lists and reminders.

Here is a brief list of what we use, what’s your list?

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