15+ AV Podcasts Worth Listening To

Podcasts are an excellent way to educate yourself on latest technologies or get some creative ideas or even enhance your listening skills and so much more when you are pre-occupied doing mindless tasks or probably exercising. With the whole pandemic situation and extra time in my hands, I thought I will try listening to some podcasts from the AV industry.

After searching on twitter and google, I came across a couple of podcasts that are still active in 2020. In 2018, there was this post on the active podcasts then, but now a few of them are no longer existent. I wouldn’t be the right person to comment based on the popularity of podcasts since I am a first time listener like a few of us but if you are keen then it’s easy to find out, here are 4 ways how

Most of these podcasts are by expert AV professionals(#AVtweeps), sharing their vast knowledge and experience. These 35 shows will teach you the history of AV, keep you up-to-date on current advancements, and help you peer into the future of AV.

Happy listening!


Here are the different podcast series that you can subscribe to based on your interests.

Presenters include Tim Albright, Steve Greenblatt, Joe Whitaker, David Danto, Matt Scott, Bill O’Donnell, Frank Padikkala, Kirsten Nelson, Dawn Meade Kelly Perkins and guests.

rAVe Radio.

There are different podcasts here also and a few archived ones, old is still gold! Here are a few with content out this year.

Presenters include Gary Kayye, Mark Coxon, Alexi’s La Broi and a lot more people.

Higher Ed AV.

This podcast presented by Joe Way is dedicated to building the AV/IT tech manager community in higher education through discussions on classroom technology and audiovisual support.

AV Daybreak.

Jarrod Hillman and Mark Coxon help you tackle your morning with tech, humor, and some business convo.

AV Trade Talk.

This podcast explores the stories behind the brands in the audio-visual industry and it’s hosted by Katye McGregor Bennett.


Podcast on mostly Pro AV discussion with Manufacturers, Reps, Consultants and Integrators.


The new pro AV podcast from Commercial Integrator, hosted by CI web editor Adam Forziati, features interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the AV industry today.

CEDIA Podcast.

The CEDIA podcast is a 60-minute roundtable discussion featuring industry experts discussing and debating issues affecting the CEDIA channel.

Making Waves.

Podcasts from the AV Magazine.

All Things TechIE.

This Podcast is a product of the Xtreme Media Network produced and is presented by Justin Dawson & Simon Lang.

Software Definied Survival.

A podcast that interviews the people and companies in AV/IT that use software to reinvent themselves and the way they do business. This show is presented by Patrick Murray and guests.

Automation Unplugged.

This podcast is by Ron Callis, Owner and CEO of the digital marketing agency, One Firefly.


Podcast on the topic of Consumer Audio and Video, hosted by Tom Andry and Rob H.


A podcast hosted by Seth Johnson and Jason Griffing are your go-to resources for info on the latest home technology trends, including the internet of things, home automation, and much more.


Which ones did I miss?

Let me know in the comments below!

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