How to prepare for AMX ACE certification.


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Being AMX ACE certified will definitely add value to your work profile and help you bag those complex projects, the very ones you always wanted to try your hands at. Moreover, if you have a certified team then you can even be listed in the AMX website as VIP. I am certified for Installer, Designer and Programmer but there are other certifications too like RMS, etc.. Here are a couple of steps that you can take to be better prepared. Please click here for more details. 

1. Having about 2 to 3 years experience is a prerequisite as it will be of great help when you take up the exam.

2. They provide two options for certification: classroom option and on-line option via AMX university. The classroom option is time consuming as you will have to be available for the classes and sometimes due to lack of participants or trainers classes don’t even happen. On-line option is preferable if you have references to provide for your work. I chose the on-line option, so the steps I’m listing here may not be applicable for the classroom option.

3. You will have a written exam and a practical exam for each of the certification types.

4. Written exams are easy if you have site experience and if you are aware of the fundamentals. Also, if you have good knowledge regarding networking, programming and basic design then you are all set.

5. Practical exams vary based on the type of certifications. For Installer type, it will be a remote exam where you have to set up a system, for Design type it will be system design for a commercial or a residential set up and for Programming type it will be an exam for a complex system with the given GUI.

Well, I cannot reveal the actual questions of the certification, as these vary every year and I am not sure of how much has changed since I did my certifications, which was about five years ago.

If you are also AMX certified, how did you prepare for it. Share your inputs below.

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