3 excuses to hide your inefficiency!

Photo credit: Stephen Kallao (Creative Commons)

Who does not hate a delay in their project, everyone does!! Before we play the blame game we need to find out the actual reasons for the delay. Sometimes it’s purely due to the inefficiency of the programmer or his/her lack of experience. Well, here are a couple of excuses that you might hear from a programmer but before u make a move make sure that your fact check is in place.

1. Device limitations.

These are mainly caused due to some expected functionality which is impossible, for instance, giving feedback to an IR(infra red) device which is only 1 way controlled. Excuses for device limitations can be verified at an earlier stage, if the project manager has programming experience or has device API knowledge.

2. Software limitations.

Clients require a totally flexible GUI for their project. But the project manager should be well versed with the software limitations so as to clarify whether the requirements can be done or not.

3. Time limitations.

Time matters a lot! Neither can a project be done in one day’s time nor can it take more than an expert-set time frame. Any deadline set by the programmer should be confirmed based on default programming time set for similar tasks.

During my tenure as a programmer, I may have come up with these excuses, what were your excuses?


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