How to survive company acquisitions

IMG_1024We hear a lot in the news about companies being purchased by other companies like Whatsapp’s acquisition by Facebook, Instagram’s by Facebook again,etc. My experience is kind of a similar one though we did not make it to the news headlines like the big companies. I worked with 3 different companies each of which got acquired by the next company, during the course of my career. So, like I have mentioned earlier in a previous post, i got placed in these companies without actually applying for a job. On the positive hand, being acquired involves an upgrade in your salary, improvements in work culture, better work experience and other perks but on the flip side, it might also involve a change in your designation or  you being forced to quit or even worse, losing your job, which i have seen happening with my colleagues.

Well I am no expert but if it helps let me list down a few steps that guided me through each company acquisition. Most of these steps were involuntary and not in anyway related to corporate wisdom.

a) Embrace reality.

Unless you are in the management, you really  don’t have any control over your work profile, since you are a cost to the company. Basically, management can decide to sell the company or acquire one as an when they wish to do so and you are left with no choice but to accept that fact. Knowing your limits will help you focus on what is in your control, that is nothing but the work knowledge and growth u gain out of experience.

b) Scale up.

The one who is the first to be booted is the one who appears to be the non essential member, so the first few months in the new company is very crucial. After any transition, initially try and change from being the lazy one to the one who gets most of the job/tasks done and be active in meetings, projects, etc.

c) Befriend the decision makers.

Find out the key players who hold the fate of your job and make sure that they notice you for the good work that you are putting in. Their continued support really matters.

Did you ever have an experience like this. How did you cope up. Post in the comments below. 


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