3 ways i learnt Crestron programming

1795940_670318693026285_862073647_oI have about  5 years of  experience in Crestron wheras 7 years in AMX. Crestron programming is more of a drag and drop scenario while AMX is all about writing code. So, it’s a whole new ball game for Crestron. The writing code part comes only in Simpl+ software for Crestron.

Here is how I refined this skill.

1) Classroom Training.

I did my basic training in their local office in India and then the advanced trainings in Dubai. With these advanced trainings I was able to pick up samples and additional methods that indeed helped me hone my skills.

2) Forums.

Online forum is always the best way to find solutions to your problems as you can connect with other programmers.

3) Projects.

There is no substitute for learning than doing projects as this will test your skills and help you network with other professionals.

What steps did you take to learn Crestron. Please post a comment below.


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