1 way i learnt DSP programming

DSP programmingWhen i mention DSP, i am referring to Biamp, Clearone and Polycom Soundstructure. Biamp Audia and Nexia are my strongest points based on my DSP knowledge so far. Well, I know that Biamp Tesira is the future but i happened to get trained in that section recently only.

When i look back on how i improved in Biamp, i can only think of 1 reason.

1) Godwin Mathew.

I did my first project in Biamp,  with the help of online classes and with tech support from Prashant Govindan, who was the country manager for Biamp then. Also, Classroom trainings by Godwin and Kevin Jacobson, were indeed a lot helpful for my growth. After the training for any project, Godwin would go extra mile in terms of support due to which i was able to refine my skills.

How did you hone your skills in DSP? Please post comments below.


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