Behind the scenes: peek into our lab.

the lab

Grafix Guru via Compfight

We provide control system programming services for AMX and Crestron so it’s pretty obvious that our lab gear has to include controllers and touch panels that help us test project files.


The necessity for lab gear came up only when one of our offsite clients required tested and functional code. Back then our gear was an AMX Ni 2100, AMX NXT CV 12 and Crestron QMRMC.


As new controllers like AMX NX series and Crestron core 3 series emerged, we switched to AMX NX-1200 and Creston MC3. For touch panel we have the iPad Air 2 installed with the AMX TPC app and Crestron App. In addition to these, we also have an IR capture unit from USBUIRT. So this is our humble lab and it’s always evolving!

Let me know in the comments sections, what’s in your office lab.

Next week, we will take a behind the scenes look at our apps/softwares that we prefer for productive work.

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