Five things I like about my job


I admit my job is not a dream job yet but I am grateful to God that I do have a job. Maybe it’s due to my long tenure (more than 6 years) or my profitability but there are a few benefits which I enjoy in my job. I do have bad experiences as mentioned earlier in a previous post.

Here are my top five reasons that I like about my job.

A. Mentoring role.

I see myself as a mentor to the direct reports under me. As I have mentioned earlier, I have managed about 20 direct reports and counting. To see them grow from their humble beginnings and now doing well in different companies is a good feeling.

B. Work environment.

My job profile is flexible with options like working from home, extended leaves (months),etc. I know it’s mainly due to the seniority that I have but I have seen the same options given to other employees too.


I have worked with 3 different CEOs and my current CEO is extremely patient with me. He makes sure that I meet my targets in a diplomatic way. He also pushes me so that I end up doing projects which I felt I would mess up in the first place.

D. Clients.

There are a few clients who suck the life out of you but most are reasonable. As mentioned earlier I had some great experiences good and bad which has helped me grow as a person. I can only thank my clients for that.

E. Team mates.

I have few team mates who have stuck by my side till now whom I can count on when the going gets tough in my work life. We have prayed together, cried together and enjoyed together during a project execution. I don’t think I would have survived this long if not for the friendships which had developed over the years in my job.

Are you thankful for your job be it whatever or wherever it is. What are your reasons that your thankful for. Please post your comments now.


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