How to lose your staff

The Flickr Team (and a few extras) on launch day

Photo credit: Scott Schiller (Creative Commons)

I have taken part in the hiring process of over 20 direct reports and from that list about a 10 remain still in my team. I have still not fired anyone since I don’t have the authority even though I felt like doing so. Due to the high retention, I wanted to find out what made these employees leave and here is my list of reasons why.

A. Basic needs.

Staff need stability and if you make sure that all their needs are taken care of then they will stay more. If you can meet a little above the industry standards in terms of their hikes and salaries then your staff will be there.

B. Hiring mistakes.

Usually we hire when there are projects in the pipeline or when a position becomes vacant. If we focus on character more than the talents, then we don’t need to spend time in motivating people to stay.

C. Working environment.

Make sure that you have an environment which fosters creativity and teamwork. There should not be any animosity between team members or favoritism which will creates scenarios for people to leave.

There will never be a perfect job since people are imperfect but if you can avoid the above reasons then you can retain your staff.

Do you feel that these are the only reasons or do you have more. Please drop in your comments.


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