How to do a project without a programmer.


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I like to think that programming is essential for every project but there are times when you forget to add it to the overall cost or else it should be a very basic setup which costs you nothing.


If you are in charge of design for a project, there are surely ways to do projects without a programmer for which you will require design knowledge and basic computer expertise. Here are the much relieving programmer free design techniques:


For an AMX project, use RPM cloud software to design your third party equipment. These equipments are already programmed and you just have to drag and drop the functionality that you require. Also if any equipment is not compatible with RPM then you can email the support team and they will assist you to add the functionality for the device.


For a Crestron project, you can use system builder and develop your site.

The cons of using these tools are that you will have to be very careful to design the system in RPM or System Builder first.

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