Top 3 best places to join in the AV industry.

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There are different jobs available in the market, that are rated based on pay, security and work environment. If you are someone, who somehow ended up in the AV industry, then you’re just like me! Call it career accident or destiny but eventually you do have a choice on where you would like to work. According to me, here are a few market options for which you should not have second thoughts, if you are given a chance to join.


  1. Manufacturers.


Manufacturers are generally, either internationally based or domestic. If you ask me, I would always prefer working with international manufacturers for job satisfaction. Manufacturers take care of job security as they are well funded. Their workload basically includes trainings, tech support and sales. You represent a reputed brand when you work here and hence you get respect and credibility. If you are a top level management executive of an international firm, then you may get the privilege to even travel(all expenses paid) to their HQ, which a lowly site engineer can only dream of.


  1. Systems integrators.


If you don’t come across any manufacturer profile, then the next option to grab would be that of a systems integrator. Well, I don’t know of any manufacturer ex-employee working as a SI but the other way round, is quite common. In the AV industry, systems integrators are a dime a dozen and most of them have been there for decades churning out projects every year. If you have a good career history, then you can jump companies, for better job packages. The environment for this profile is highly competitive, mainly between the SI’s and even internally. To be on the wanted list, you will need to deliver consistently.



  1. Entrepreneurs.


Once you become too expensive and too old to get a job in a manufacturer firm or as an SI, then your last option would be to start your own business. I have heard of ex SI employees venturing out on their own and indeed, taking good pieces of the profits pie for projects. When you are an employee, you may get your salaries, bonuses, raises, commissions or even company shares but when you are an employer, everything is yours for the taking. Having said that, being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park.

Please note that these are my personal views and if you feel otherwise, please post your comments on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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