Top 3 classroom based AV Manufacturer Trainings in India

ClassroomI had the privilege of attending classroom training  for a few manufacturers in India and in Dubai. Since most of the training were based in India, here is my review based on quality of the material, facilities and features provided. Please note that the views expressed are my own and I have attended a few of them more than 5 years back so the training format must have been changed dramatically now.

3) Clearone and Kramer.

Clearone and Kramer training usually occur at hotels and is more of a less hands on training with about 20 to 30 participants. Although there are more opportunities to network due to the vast participants, the learning takes a back seat. Each participant doesn’t get a training kit to play around with.  There is no cancellation fee if you suddenly decide not to show up.

2) AMX and Crestron.

Here each participant gets a training kit and the seats are fixed . If you do cancel late, be prepared for a penalty unless you are in good company with the management. The content is mostly fundamentals and is catered to a novice in the audio video field. For most companies, this training is the criteria for them to start taking up programming projects. I personally feel that a 5 day or 4 day training is a basic stepping stone since complex programming training is covered only in advanced training sessions which happens months later. Training facility is in house and very detailed.

1) Extron and Biamp.

These manufacturers take up the whole experience of training to the next level with great food and atmosphere. In addition to the features available from the other classroom experience, the training is more project oriented and due to the easy configuration options of these devices, there exists only a single training and this is more than enough.


Which manufacturers classroom training experience has been more beneficial to you. Please leave a comment below with your experiences and don’t forget to subscribe for the email newsletter.


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