How to keep your motivation up at work

1898866_682073438517477_997016777_oYour work can get pretty depressing at times due to the workload, relationships and lack of balance. I am not proactive all through the year but i realized that certain habits help me stay on track, so that i can finish well at work. You have no control over the circumstances around you but you do have control on how to react. Here are a few steps to keep your spirits high.

1) Take a lot of breaks.

If you are focused only on your tasks all day, you tend to get distracted eventually and hence your productivity decreases. Take as many breaks as you can. Check out the Pomodoro Technique. Try to spend a fixed time slot for your work and take a break totally when you are outside the working time slot. The so called workaholics are the ones who get burned out first. Be sure to make proper use of the vacation days allotted to you and enjoy to your fullest keeping work at bay.

2) Set proper deadlines.

When your deadlines are arbitrary, you tend to lose hope. Set proper timelines for your tasks which are acceptable to your superiors as well. If you are not able to meet the set deadlines, provide alternatives so that everyone could be on the same page.

3) Celebrate your wins.

At work, its always from 1 task to another, 1 project to the next but without any celebration after completion of either. This reduces work to a monotonous, mundane existence which can drag you under. Celebrate whenever your tasks or at least projects are successfully done so that you have a meaning for what you are doing.

4)Know your limits.

There is no point in continuing further if your set limits are reached in your job and in that case there is no point in doing any of the above exercises, as you will only be prolonging the torture. I have had colleagues who left 8 months or later on the job and few like me who are in the same job for more than 7 years.

Have you reached your limits yet? If not how do you keep yourself motivated.? Post in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email newsletter if you like my blogging so far.


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