Top five best project experiences in my work

In life there are a lot of moments when your work feels like the best in the world, here are my top five projects which were simply awesome.

a. Villa Project – Kuwait.


I obtained this project from a person whom i knew for two months while preparing for admissions for my higher education. I attribute this project to divine providence since i had no contact with this person for 10 years and then out of the blue we get in touch via Orkut ( now closed by Google).

This was my first overseas project and i was frankly very apprehensive on how to proceed. We won the project since our pricing was economical compared to programmers from the west and middle east.

The final client was one among the top 40 of the Forbes list of wealthy families and since he was in the initial steps of starting an audio-visual company, he went out of his way to make sure that my life was comfortable.

I was often chauffeured to site in his personal cars ( Ferrari’s, Porches, etc ). He shifted my hotel thrice and finally booked me in a beach resort.  This was the time when the iPhone was just launched and i was gifted thrice (latest versions on additional trips).  When my office laptop was running slow, a brand new Sony Viao laptop so that onsite work runs smooth.

After my marriage, the client made sure that i did’nt travel alone  and took care of expenses so that my family can come with me. My parent’s stay was also sponsored when they visited me onsite.

From 2009 till 2013, i have traveled more than 7 times and the last trip was almost 5 months long. The client always updates the system and even though i can do the work offsite, he prefers that the work is done onsite.

b. Penthouse Project – Mumbai.

This was my first Crestron project which i did after a basic classroom training. Even though i had about 4 years of AMX programming experience when i took up the project, I knew Crestron programming was a whole new ball game due to different style of programming involved. The previous programmer on site was from UK and since we were economical we got the project. During the first week i had forgotten how to load code and was on tech support to find out how to solve device wise issues. The site in charge from the client side was complaining to his superiors that they picked the wrong guy to do the job.

By God’s favor, i picked up from the second week and finished the two new floors assigned to me. I also did the first time ever 3 way LON integration via Dynalite, Diakin and Crestron. The final client was so impressed that i got a cash reward from him on the day of my return. He has called me again multiple times to modify the programming done by his previous programmer since he had updated his devices.

The site was located in Colaba, the unofficial headquarters of Mumbai’s tourist scene. An interesting trivia fact is that in 2008 i was always in Mumbai for projects and i could easily have been in the city during 26/11 attacks. Colaba was the area where three of the major attacks took place (Taj Mahal Hotel, Nairman Point and Cafe Leopold). By God’s favor i got this project only in January 2009 and i was able to see the destruction done in the area by the terrorists.

c. Army Ops Room, Jalandhar.

This was my first onsite AMX project which i did alone during my time as a technical support engineer in AMX, India. I was in a division in CSD where i was more like the character Wally from the Dilbert comic strip. Since it was my first ever onsite trip, i was petrified since i didn’t know how to communicate in Hindi (local language in North India) or in AMX that well. The other division in AMX were full of diligent employees who were looking for me to fail so that i will become a little bit more responsible in the office.

Anyway i landed in New Delhi by noon and then after a 6 hour drive in a non-AC car, I ended up in Jalandhar. The onsite duration was for four days to set up the equipment and show the demo to the Army staff who have to use the equipment. The army staff was reluctant to believe that i was an engineer and i was supposed to set up the site. But since it was a small setup of Video wall servers, switcher and AMX equipment which had AMX modules built-in, i was able to finish the site in a day’s time.

Since the site was finished in 2 days (1 day of travel), our client was very grateful. Rather than re book my tickets back, he decided to take me on a sight-seeing trip for a day on the tourist locations near the site. So I was able to enjoy the following sites for free – Golden Temple, Amritsar Jallianwala Bagh massacre site, Amritsar and the Wagah border ceremony. I finally returned back to New Delhi, for my flight back, in a AC car this time.

After returning back to office, my division was singing my praises and i even got an appreciative email from the company head.

d.  HICC, Hyderabad.

This was my first onsite project for AMX India where i was paired with a very senior member for learning purposes. After my previous company got acquired by AMX India, each one of us was paired with a senior member of AMX India. Even though there were other much senior members in my previous company who wanted to go onsite, I got the first opportunity.

Since it was my first ever experience, i didn’t have a bench mark to compare my site visit in terms of accommodation, travel, work timings,etc and anyway it was pretty average in all these terms. But i did enjoy working with my senior member who took over the majority of the work load and i was left with testing a few cables, etc.

e. National Dairy Board Training Room, Noida.

There was nothing awesome about this site except that the client used to drop me at site on his Merc. This site barely makes it to the top five since compared to the numerous sites, there was a small benefit.

Comment below on your best sites. 


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