Which AV industry level certifications to obtain to showcase your skills

csp webpageIn any industry there exists a balance between work experience and certifications. There is more value for experience than certifications in my book. But having said that certifications will showcase that you are aware of the industry standards set .

Here are a list of certifications that you can get if you are planning to stay in the AV industry.

1)  CTS , CTS-D, CTS-I

2) PMP if you are scaling up to Project Managers,etc.

3) ACE and CSP, etc if you are planning to be a control system programmer.

4) CCNA, CWNP and MCP if you are planning to be a site engineer/tech support.

Which certifications have you obtained ? Please post in the comments below if any other certifications are needed. Here is a link to the certifications that i have , click here.


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