How i got listed as CSP on the Crestron website.

Newark and Sherwood Sports Awards 2012

NSDC Photo store via Compfight

In India, there is no such scenario of CSP or independent programmer option endorsed by Crestron India. To be listed as the first CSP option in India, it took a few years for me and I had to undergo difficult circumstances. The local Crestron office is quite strict with their training options as they want to protect their market share and moreover, they don’t entertain companies who deal with their competitors.


Being a non dealer, I was eligible only for basic training and the only option for further advanced training was paying a fees which was beyond my means. But to my surprise at this dead end, I would say by pure divine intervention, a Crestron dealer subcontracted his work to me. Thus, with his reference, I was able to attend all the trainings and finally clear the CSP exam.


Hence, the lesson that i learned from this experience was that there is always a solution to any difficult situation, provided you are persistent to look for it.


Have you ever faced a similar dead end situation like this? How did you overcome it?

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