How to prepare for a job interview in the AV industry.

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AV industry companies don’t do campus recruitments. If you are looking out for a placement, then mostly your interview should come when you are already employed with other companies.


Since I have been involved in the hiring process of at least 20 new hires and have also attended interviews with manufacturers, consultants and integrators, I consider myself eligible to share the following points which may come handy while preparing for a new job.


  1. Ex-employee of a well-known company.


You are wanted the most, if you come with experience from a reputed AV company. For instance, in my previous company, I have seen trainees who have barely completed 6 months being hired by other companies.


  1. Know the basics.


Being a CSP, I remember attending an online interview for a Crestron programmer role without knowing the basics of analog join range and I never ever heard from them. As you apply for senior positions, don’t be under the assumption that interviews will be based only on your projects and not the technical know how.


  1. Learn to negotiate.


Before you commit to a position and its benefits, know the value of your expertise. You can have an idea based on attending regular interviews and knowing the market rates via your network. In this way, you can make a judgement whether the offer is of more market worth, rather than just jumping from your existing job for a better salary, which according to me would be a downward spiral.


  1. Curate your online presence.


With the advancement of technology, it definitely helps to know the basics of social media and how to promote yourself online. Be regular in joining discussions for relevant forums in your market and updating your projects, certifications & experience. It’s only a matter of time when you’ll get an offer from an online contact.


To conclude, all preparation is not enough if destiny has something else ordained for you. Keep trying and eventually you will find the right fit.

Do you know of better ways to land an AV job, please feel free to share.

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