Top five distractions for productive work at office

The Art of Procrastinating

Photo credit: Rishi Bandopadhay (Creative Commons)

After viewing my work for some time and the work of my direct reports, here are some few distractions that we all face.

a. Personal work.

It may be a personal call, email or errand which overtakes official tasks. I feel that we should be free to undertake our personal tasks as long as our official tasks are done way before deadline and if we are proactive at work.

Time at office should be flexible and time spend for personal work should be compensated. If you are busy hunting for a new job at work then you are stealing your office time.

b. Social media.

Now with social media on the mobile, employees are constantly checking in their status and their friends status. Social media may help in relaxation but continued usage is a waste of time and never helps in career growth.

c. Meetings.

Meetings unless really required is a waste of time. Unless with a genuine agenda, long meetings usually tend to drag without any resolution.

d. Internet browsing.

Browsing is like falling into a rabbit hole and harmless browsing for technology updates will usually end more than the scheduled time.

e. Supervisors.

If you have to give constant updates to your supervisors than sometimes it’s a distraction when your train of thought is disrupted.


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